Step One: Admission

I’m friggin’ addicted to Scrabble. Not a big surprise for word nerd, but I’ve recently discovered you can play it online, and you don’t even have to do it with total strangers. The world famous app, Facebook added “Scrabulous” which allows you to play a riveting game with whomever you so choose. I just happened to score a nice 39 points with “zine” (triple letter score!) bringing the score to:

Me: 208
D: 154

But in all fairness, Cassie has been schooling me for two days straight on a game we started yesterday morning.

I’m telling ya–when you need a small reprieve from the daily grind, fire up a game of Scrabble. You can even close the game for awhile and come back later. Brilliant!

[Jam of the Day]: Wolf Parade, I’ll Believe in Anything


7 responses to “Step One: Admission

  1. you seriously need to get a life. you’re BRAGGING on your BLOG about playing SCRABBLE on FACEBOOK. if someone would have told you five years ago that this would be your life at 25, you would have responded with “rock bottom”

  2. Dear D,

    You’re a loser. On Facebook Scrabble. I mean, get a life already. Or a bigger vocab. 😀

  3. my vocab is plenty sufficient as it includes the words “breaking” and “up”

  4. Whoa! Over the line! Too bad you couldn’t get “breaking” onto the Scrabble board. Might be rockin’ more than a 154.

    P.S. I like that we’re using cell phone minutes to talk shit to each other on the InterMets.

  5. Hey you guys are great! But I feel I need to throw my two cents in. Bring it Dan! Hahaha…since I am official champ of Scrabulous! Oh it hurts sometimes being this cool. 🙂

  6. Cassie, finally i can get some competition! do we need to be facebook friends first? don’t know if i’m ready for such committment…

  7. Megan:

    I used to play scrabble quite often with a friend of mine. She would beat me most of the time since I was never able to come up with a word over five letters. lol

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