She’s a Brick…Cornet

Well, damn. This whole thing is like a Dove ad gone wrong. I’m not sure you can put women of any size and shape in more unflattering clothing. Yikes.



5 responses to “She’s a Brick…Cornet

  1. Thats just painful to look at! There’s not a single one that looks good. Who is going through this ad like, “gee I want to be her”. Eek eek.

  2. Yeeeah. Maybe that article was written to make us all feel better.

    Either way, looks odd to me. Not a huge fan of putting all us ladies in a big ol’ box of body types, either. And why did none of the women have hooters?

  3. No hat tip to the frostinged cupcake blogger? You get a fair amount of material A) from her, B) from the same source as her, or C) speparately but simultaneously.

    Pretty disturbing, in any event (what you’ve linked to, not the supposed blogiarism).

  4. speparately?

    I’ve got to start proof-reading more carefully. And by “more carefully” I mean “at all”.

  5. Yikes, I did forget to link to her. Sorry, Freakgirl! A hat tip shall be inserted.

    Thanks for keeping vigilant, Peter…

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