It’s Snowing Again

You know that Supertramp song, It’s Raining Again? It sounds kind of merry, what with the keyboard and the sax and the upbeat tempo. But the subject matter is anything but—breaking hearts and losing friends.

Thankfully that is not my situation, but the song is in my head because it’s friggin’ a blizzard outside. Again.

As you might recall, Denver weather caused me a great deal of stress last winter. With enormous snowstorms every weekend or every other weekend, it really had me on edge. Snowstorms, as you can imagine, are not helpful for two people who have to fly across the country to see each other. Not to mention, I just don’t like the stuff. And it makes surburban Denverites crazy.

So it’s snowing again. Ella is doing this again. And I am once again unprepared for bad weather so I must head out and get provisions. Dammit.


2 responses to “It’s Snowing Again

  1. what the fuck, it’s snowing there?! i had no idea!!! i thought you were pulling my leg…
    it’s snowing ash here. waaah waaaaaaaaaah

  2. Oh, yeah. Snow everywhurr. Hopefully it’ll be gone by tomorrow.

    I’m scared of the Califires. Put ’em out, put ’em out!

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