This Might Sting A Little

The National Museum of Health and Medicine is one museum I won’t be visiting the next time I’m in The District.

From the DCist:

The NMHM is nothing if not consistently gruesome. Images of combat wounds and amputated limbs abound, though much of the museum is not focused on the battlefield. A large section is dedicated to topics explored by the museum’s researchers, including a particularly unpleasant portion on skin diseases. Also on display is a megacolon that someone saw fit to pull out of an unfortunate young man and present for public viewing.

Not surprisingly, that emphasis on the skin diseases is mine. This place might be my own personal purgatory.

I’d tell you more about the museum’s positive attributes (such as the photographic collection of medicinal efforts during the major U.S. conflicts), but ah, jeez, I’m starting to itch.


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