The Helen Bamber Foundation

I know it’s Halloween, a day full of lots of fun oddities and too much sugar.

But I was turned on to the Helen Bamber Foundation today by way of the Denver Egotist and have become captivated by it. It seems a bit like a sign for me, as I spent most of the day preparing new campaign materials for my company’s 2008 charitable giving drive.

The Helen Bamber Foundation is a UK-based human rights organization that works to combat human trafficking, as well as to help victims of gross human rights violations. Their new PSA, which stars actress Emma Thompson, is generating buzz for its dark yet moving storyline. (Watch and read about the spot)

If you’re bighearted enough to give from your pocket this season but can’t decide which organization to support, I urge you to consider the Helen Bamber Foundation.

I’ll try to end tonight’s posting with something more lighthearted. But just because it’s Halloween doesn’t mean we can’t devote serious thought to something, right?


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