BBC Science and Nature: The Sleep Profiler

Ooh, I used to be a crazy insomniac. Yes, by the tender age of 14, I endured regular sleepless nights that would leave me in a zombie-like state for days at a time. I tried everything. Warm milk before bed (yuck), listening to the radio, counting sheep, meditation, singing…(The Sound of Music at 3a in my parent’s basement…).

I tried Ambien, but it made me feel crazy. I tried alcohol before bed, but it made me wake up in the night thirsty (and, occasionally, the next morning with a headache).

In the last year, I finally found something that works for me: Daily exercise, no caffeine after 3p, and going to bed/waking up at the same time every day.

I still have the occasional rough night of sleep, and most of my friends are the same way. If you’re a bad sleeper, check out the BBC’s Sleep Profiler. Maybe you’ll learn something new to help you, or maybe you’ll just be reminded of good habits to help you out.

Either way, I’m sending you thoughts of Zzzzzs.


3 responses to “BBC Science and Nature: The Sleep Profiler

  1. Ambien’s crazy stuff. I agree that exercise and schedule are huge, but caffeine doesn’t have any sort of negative effect on my sleeping.

    M’lady struggles with sleep issues and uses the occasional Ambien or Lunesta. Restless leg synbdrome certainly doesn’t help. Maybe I’ll check out that profiler to see what might be the best help for her.

  2. That’s good about the caffeine…it makes me restless/gets the synapses firing more rapidly than necessary at bedtime.

    I’m all for a little OTC action on trips and such where my normal routine is off kilter. For example, our last night in Juarez I took one Tylenol PM with a little bottle of vodka had the best sleep of the trip.

    I should also mention that I feel I have less stress/anxiety now than I did a few years ago when sleep was really troublesome. But then again, I think exercise helped exorcised those demons, too.

  3. Exercise exorcised, eh? Excellent.

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