Long Live the LDR

A magazine came for me yesterday and when I finally opened it tonight I noticed that one of their feature articles was about successful long-distance relationships. Naturally, my curiosity was piqued (as I think D and I have been doing pretty well).

The story was comprised of about 10 anecdotes from couples who’ve been there. One story in particular struck me:

[…] This, we knew, was not real life. After months of the buffed-and-polished versions of ourselves, we longed for the mundane. I wanted us to make tuna casserole on a Wednesday night, then maybe I’d watch America’s Next Top Model while he fiddled around with his guitar.

[…] It became clear that I was going to have to move. We wanted a house, a yard, a place to eventually rise kids…But why did I have to give up all I’d worked for for a man?

I struggled. I cried. I flip-flopped more than Giulianni on gun control. Until one day my best friend Jaime said, ‘You’re going to choose Fred.’ And she was right. Being a feminist didn’t mean choosing a career above all else. I could have the man and the job. Sure, there was going to be some sacrifice involved…But I wasn’t forced.

Fred meets me at the baggage claim at Hartsfield-Jackson Airport and considers how to get my three massive suitcases to the parking lot…[H]e bends over and pushes the 80-pounder with such ferocity that sparks fly from the metal wheels as they careen along the pavement.

‘You’ll throw out your back!’ I say, laughing.
‘A small price to pay,’ he grins back.

The same issue also included three random facts about The District of Columbia:

  1. Has the country’s smallest differential between male and female salaries.
  2. Residents drink more wine per capita than residents of any other state.
  3. 55 percent of Americans believe that D.C. residents have a vote in Congress (they don’t).
  4. Not tough to read between the lines tonight, is it? 😀

    [Jam of the Day]: Alice Smith, Dream


2 responses to “Long Live the LDR

  1. Well played Megan. You two have been amazing at the LDR, I know it hasn’t been easy. I give you both props!

  2. Gracias! We do our best. 🙂

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