World AIDS Day 2007

You know what to do, right? Talk. Listen. Learn. Give.

(That last link is to, a non-profit for which I did some pro-bono work this year. The executive director is a friend of D’s, who sits on the board. Please support PTE!)


2 responses to “World AIDS Day 2007

  1. I think Uganda’s ABC method has shown the most effective results:

    (A)bstain from sex until marriage
    (B)e faithful to your partner, or
    use (C)ondoms if abstinence and fidelity are not practiced.

    AIDS went form 15% to 5% in a decade (’91-’01). Bam.

  2. I can get with A, B, C. I’m having a hard time with the lack of education in most countries, including England. One in seven teens in Britain say they wouldn’t stay friends with someone if they learned that friend had HIV/AIDS.

    Perhaps the numbers are going down in some places (up, actually, in D.C.—one in twenty), but the stigma still remains. I’d like to see more programs and governments incorporate tolerance into their prevention and treatment programs. PTE-China does a great job of that.

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