On the Road Again

I wonder how many miles I’ve traveled in 2007. It’s definitely in the tens of thousands.

I’m embarking on my last big road trip of the year in the morning—heading back to Iowa to spend Christmas at home, which, by the way, I haven’t done since before I moved to Colorado! Ella will be in tow; she’s a great travel companion despite spending most of the 11-hour drive on my lap.

I’m just about packed and feeling that twinge of excitement about being home, seeing my fam, D and a bunch of old friends. But mostly, I feel ready to hit the road and leave Denver troubles in Denver for a week. I’ll deal with those dumb things when I get back.

And, speaking of travels, my dad sent me the following earlier today. “With all your traveling, I’m thinking of getting you this for Christmas.”

Check out the juvenile grossness after the jump!

(Click to see the full image)


Ick! But it made me laugh. Could’ve been due to all the sugar I ate today. Ate way too many Sour Patch Kids. Holy sore tongue.

I’m sure I’ll post something worthless from Iowa, but if not, I hope you all have a great Christmahanwawnza! (Can you spot my last name in that word? Ha!)


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