Vote for Huckabee. Or Face Death.

In case you live in a cave, the Iowa caucuses are being held next week, and being that I’ve been in Iowa for a week, I’ve once again been subjected to all the campaign ads and phone calls from the candidates. Boy, oh, boy I don’t miss living in Iowa in election years.

Earlier this week, D and I were driving around town, noting people’s yard signs. There are a surprising amount of idiots who publicly proclaiming love via real estate for Mike Huckabee, which led me to finally confess to D my fantasy about Huckabee supporters:

I want to knock on the doors of all these houses. When the unsuspecting homeowner opens the door, I will punch them in the face and walk away. I imagine they’ll be shocked and confused and call out to me with a, ‘What the hell, lady?’ as I walk through their yard and back to my car, at which point I will kick down or perhaps light their Huckabee yard sign on fire. Then they’ll understand it [the face punching].

That might seem a little extreme, especially for someone who doesn’t even like watching someone get fictionally punched in movies. But I figure a little punch to the face is nothing for Huckabee and his supporters. Not compared to what he’ll do if you don’t vote for him. What an idiot.

Thanks to Freakgirl for the link.


3 responses to “Vote for Huckabee. Or Face Death.

  1. So people who don’t think like you in the political realm deserve to be face-punched? I’m not a Huckabee guy myself, but I can think of many other politicians more deserving of negative attention.

    I find this post to be intolerant, closed-minded, and hypocritical. Frankly, I’m surprised.

  2. Hmm. Does everything need to be taken so seriously? I don’t think so. Hence the face punching.

  3. Apparently things need only be taken seriously when I say them.

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