Happy 2008!

I’m not even fully confident I’ll be awake at midnight, but Happy New Year all the same. It seems like we’re all riding low this year; gone are they days of spending gobs of money and getting way too drunk in public. Hooray, us!

2007 was a pretty good year for me, personally and professionally, so, selfishly, I’m a little sad to see it go. Plus it was full of prime celebrity moments like this Paris Hilton appearance on David Letterman. I couldn’t watch it in its entirety (you know; I have the whole reverse-schadefreude thing, whereby I get genuinely uncomfortable when people make idiots of themselves or are made to feel embarrassed by other people), but you may enjoy this. I mean, I did. Until I had to shut it off. 🙂

Take a peek before you head out tonight and then have a lovely evening with friends and family!

[Jam of the Day]: Menomena, Wet & Rusting


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