The Italian Feast

I keep meaning to brag about what a great dinner I had this past Saturday, but work and life keep getting in the way. But since I have a minute, I have to tell you all about this crazy good dinner party I went to last Saturday, hosted by my besty MRP and his lovely wife CZ.

cover1.jpgThe food and drink for Saturday’s soirée were of the Northern Italian persuasion, and all the recipes came from, Made in Italy: Food and Stories by Giorgio Locatelli.

The five-course meal included a lovely antipasto (with meat from Denver’s own Marczyk’s), a delicious chickpea soup (zuppa di ceci e pancetta), ravioli with a surprisingly good pheasant stuffing (ravioli de fagiano), a main course of sea bass in Vernaccia with an amazing artichoke puree (branzino alla Vernaccia), and a refreshing lemon soufflé (served in the lemon rind!) with a side of homemade Earl Grey Tea ice cream (souffle di riso carnaroli al limone e gelato al te).

Y’all, it was the shit. No two ways about it. I can’t remember the last time I enjoyed food so much. In fact, if these two opened a restaurant next to my favorite Italian restaurant in DC, they’d give Dino’s a run for their money. Which was quite a surprise for me, because while I knew MRP and CZ enjoyed cooking together, I had no idea how truly awesome they are in the kitchen.

And, bonus, cooking together all day is a serious teambuilding event. CZ later said she and MRP had hashed out many o’ things in the kitchen, and I can see how that would be effective and cathartic. The benefits of all these things are quite awesome, especially for those of us they invite over to partake in such an event!

Unfortunately I didn’t take any photos of the food, or of the fantastic company. Although looking back I think we could’ve gotten some good shots as we ate, played $10,000 Pyramid, and happened upon CZ having a sleep in the laundry room. 🙂

If you or someone you know loves to cook, I recommend picking up Locatelli’s cookbook. It’s a huge book full of fun stories and a myriad of recipes. It’s too advanced for me yet, but now I’m in the mood to hone my culinary skills.

A big high-calorie thanks to my friends for a fun night and a full belly!


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