I’m moving out of my apartment on Saturday. I don’t really feel like talking about it. But as I was taking stuff off my walls tonight, I decided to look up the artist who did five of the six pieces I’ve had hanging on my walls for two-plus years.

It turns out Mike Vensel has gone from painting to fashion and photography. I can’t say I care for any of his photographs (ooh, svelte, scantily-clad sixteen-year olds!) but I suppose it’s nice to see that he’s made a name for himself in the fashion industry.

Oh, who am I kidding. I’m totally fucking disappointed. But I sure am glad to have his decade-old starter pieces.


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  1. Hey …just currious …where did you get the paintings from and which ones do you have? Id love to know …I am still painting and doing perfomance art now …had a show in rome last year …planning a new show of painting by the end of this year ..i havent quit painting ..just expanded into fashion and photography =)

  2. Hey Mike, thanks for the comment. I’m glad to hear you’re still painting. You’ll have to let me know when and where your show is opening. In fact, let me email you and we’ll swap details.

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