In Numbers: My Latest Trip to The District

5 (Number of times tripped on raised sidewalk bricks and cobblestones)

2 (Injured knees—one bruised during an ice skating fall, the other decimated when I whipped open a door way too hard upon returning from ice skating)

3 (Number of times cried—including the latter knee injury)

1 (Attempt made at a drunken tarot card reading in Georgetown)

1 (Pear martini with a most vomit-like consistency)

Countless (women wearing bad outfits, mostly consisting of leggings and furry Fraggle vests)

0 (snails eaten at French restaurant)

1 (Weird ice rink attendant who called a pair of tangled skates “a dumb motherf*cker”)

3 (Hours spent trying to find a pair of shoes to go with a new dress—D is both a saint and a hero for having patience and finding the shoes)

1 (Relative that died while I was away)

4,500 (Dollars; the most expensive bottle of wine I spotted in the wine book at Le Paradou)

2 (Animals on my flights; a cat on the way there and a ferret on the way back)

52 (Photos taken on Megan’s camera; a handful more on D’s)

0 (Number of free desserts after telling restaurants it was my birthday…I know, I know—not for another 14 days…but still!)

100+ (Times I thought about not coming back to Colorado)

[Jam of the Day]: Great Northern, Home


6 responses to “In Numbers: My Latest Trip to The District

  1. you forgot “zero = the number of birthday presents D got me”

  2. Haha. That’s BS. You did get me a pressy. It just didn’t make it. Besides, the red frock + 3 hours of shoe shopping went WAY beyond the birthday call of duty.

  3. i like this entry. you’re cool.

  4. Me and my eggplant-purple knees thank you kindly. 🙂

  5. Don’t buy a 4500.00 bottle of wine. But if you do make sure to save some for the weasel on the plane

  6. Thanks, Jack. But I don’t intend on being a wasteful a-hole anytime soon.

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