Things That Suck

In case you didn’t catch this month’s Wired article, 33 Things That Make Us Go Crazy, it’s worth checking out.

Out of the 33 things on their list, I most concur with:

Air travel (though I’ve really lucked out this year)
Evite (Evite is devil-f!cking-spawn and I can’t stand it)
Tomatoes (dudes, they are getting mealy and gross)
Plastic packaging (it’s a problem with someone had to create scissors to open new gadgets and toys)
Traffic (’nuff said)

Luckily for all those sucky things, there are a bunch of things that rule the school. Vote for your non-sucky items over at Wired, or give your suck/non-suck two cents via comments. I’ll start!

[Jam of the Day]: Taken by Trees, Lost and Found


6 responses to “Things That Suck

  1. Suck: Facebook “notifications.” Seriously, I don’t want anymore invites to your lame applications.

    No suck: Farmer’s markets. Mmm.

  2. Suck: Misuse of the word “literally”. No, Paul Harvey, credit card users are not literally naked without Lifelock. Quit scamming fellow old people through fear mongering.

    No suck: Planet Earth videos from BBC. Completely awesome.

  3. Suck: Waiting in line whether it be an amusement park or the DMV.

    Suckity Suck Suck Suck.

    No Suck: TV shows on DVD with no commercials…awww. And the early morning twilight hour…oooo.

    Way to not suck!

  4. Ooh, good ones guys.

    Here’s another.

    Suck: Cell phone companies. Eek!

    No suck: Text messaging—straight up.

  5. put some rain-x in your windshield wiper fluid…no suck
    having to work when van halen is in town…suck

  6. Ooh, Jack. No bueno. 😦

    No suck: White Russians.

    Suck: Drinking them on Superbowl Sunday and having to go to work the next morning.

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