I’m supremely annoyed. I busted a windshield wiper during my two hour commute this morning (two hours! Why didn’t I turn the car around and work from home? I hate myself) which didn’t exactly help matters as all the snow and slush landed on my windshield from the unplowed roads.

Sometimes I really hate Colorado. Cold weather and snow are, in tandem my arch nemesis. Throw in bumper to bumper traffic in glaring sunlight and you have officially entered my idea of Hell.

All I want in life right now is a nap. And then a long, hot shower where I can shave my legs without lopping off goosebumps right and left. I mean I shouldn’t complain because some people never even get to shave their legs ever! Which I seriously can’t fathom because it is motherf!cking uncomfortable.

On the upside, Peter has graciously offered to help me fix my busted wiper (hooray!), my mom has never been drunk enough [in public] to cause me to write something like this in the bathroom, and Cass and I are going to see The Editors tomorrow night!

[Jam of the Day]: The Editors, Smokers Outside the Hospital Doors


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