Editors @ The Ogden


The holy music testament that is Pitchfork Media doesn’t usually have kind things to say about Editors, and rated their newest album a meager 4.9. Nonetheless, I had heard from friends how good they were live, so I was pretty amped for the show.

Thankfully my friends were right: Editors set was fantastic.** It was loud and bright and fast; all the things I like in a good indie rock show. And while you can detect a decided “genre piggybacking” in the Editors tunes (Interpol, anyone?), they put on a good show and pushed my interest upwards of affinity.

If you’re looking for an indie rock guilty pleasure, I recommend sticking some Editors on your playlist. Especially good tunes at the gym. Click play to enjoy some rock ‘n roll.

**Editors should thank their overrated opener, Hot Hot Heat, for boring me to tears and distracting me with their god-awful attire. I don’t know what all the screaming women see in Steve Bays; I for one am not turned on by men in stretch pants and women’s boots. Hasn’t he heard that tight pants kill spermies? ANYWAY, their lackluster performance may have made Editors’ seem better than it actually was. But it still ruled.


3 responses to “Editors @ The Ogden

  1. You are on drugs…Hot Hot Heat was good at that show!

  2. *Pukes on stretch pants*

    No. They weren’t.

  3. Nice bass.

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