I Love Rosa Loves


I know Valentine’s Day isn’t until tomorrow, but I’m going to be busy packing for New York (yay!) and I’ve really wanted to share with you this important love-related item.

As I’ve previously noted (on this blog, Creative Victuals, and in conversations with you), I’m not huge on Valentine’s Day, alias, the glorified Hallmark holiday. I don’t enjoy the staples of Valentine’s Day; it’s the small, unique gifts that (to me) show how much you care about another person. This is exactly the kind of V-Day mantra D and I have taken, which I hope sticks with us for years to come.

This year I was stoked to find something for D that was not only cool, but that also made a difference in the world.

Enter: Rosa Loves.

Rosa Loves is a talented group of designers who have infiltrated the t-shirt business as a way to impact in-need individuals and families around the world.

But these aren’t your standard t-shirts.

Each shirt is designed for a certain family or project. When you buy a particular shirt, a large percentage of the proceeds go to the person of family for which it was designed. Rosa Loves personalizes the t-shirts even further by printing each respective story on the inside of the shirt—right over your heart.

Rosa Loves has tailored charitable giving in such a way that you know who you’ve helped—and gives a new meaning to wearing your heart on your sleeve.

I can’t wait for me and D’s t-shirts to arrive (no…we didn’t get matching shirts, and he doesn’t know which one I got him, so I can’t show you yet.). I can tell you for sure that this won’t be my last purchase from Rosa Loves. I so love them. How appropriate.

[Jam of the Day]: Mew, Comforting Sounds


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