Whirlwind Weekend

Oh, man. What a weekend. I’m happily exhausted.

As some of you know, for Christmas D’s mom gifted D’s sister, grandmother and me a trip to New York to see Jersey Boys on Broadway. I’m a sucker for oldies (The Four Seasons included) and musicals, and after seeing their performance on last year’s Tony Awards (yep, they took home the big one last year, too), I was pretty excited to see it.


In addition to seeing Jersey Boys, we also took in A Chorus Line on Friday night, which surpassed my low expectations. We had some great eats at the likes of Basilica (a tiny Italian restaurant recommended to me by my housemate Katie), and the famed Carnegie Deli, where we ate the biggest sammies (and the best cheesecake) known to man.



We also took in MoMA which was spectacular (we really enjoyed the new fashion exhibit), and took a stroll through Central Park to see John Lennon’s memorial. And, while we were out our Beatles kick, on Saturday we went to the Beatles Brunch at BB King’s Blue’s Cafe (which is performed by some of the members of Broadway’s Beatlemania). As you can see by the web site, it was a little cheesy. But we had a good time.



We also hit other New York staples like Rockefeller Center, Times Square, Madison Avenue and the Today Show, but I think Jersey Boys remains the highlight.



Regardless of your geography, if you get a chance to see Jersey Boys, you won’t regret it. I’d see it a hundred times over. Take a look at this clip from last year’s Tony’s to get a taste of the sweet jams; you can peruse more NYC trip photos in this Flickr set.

And now…time for sleep. 🙂


2 responses to “Whirlwind Weekend

  1. aww…the john lennon “imagine memorial”…you are that much cooler in my book…happy you were able to be there and appreciate 🙂 peace

  2. Yeah, it was the one thing I requested to see during the trip. It was awesome. You’ll have to get there some time—you’d dig it. 🙂

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