5 Hours of ABBA

Holy crap! So I was catching up on my Coudal Partners feed and watching a few videos when the video, 238 Miles: A long day’s journey out of Iowa, caught my eye (for obvious reasons).

I clicked on the link and there staring back at me was an old writer’s workshop classmate of mine, named Steve Delahoyde. In this particular video, Steve drives from Iowa to Chicago (en route to visit his girlfriend) listening to one song and one song only: ABBA’s Dancing Queen. Steve is crazy.

Anyway, by the Google search results, Steve’s got his hand in a handful of honey pots. It’s fun and inspiring to see a classmate doing great, creative things. His journey and three other stories are on CP’s Copy Goes Here, which I’m probably going to have to buy.

Kudos, Steve! Keep up the fun, entertaining work.

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