All Points East

Let’s keep it short and sweet: Leaving for Iowa in the morning for a few days, and then on east to DC. I’m excited. I’m sad. I’m grateful. I know I have made friends for life. (Can you guys come in my suitcase?)

But hey. Let’s keep it light! Here’s a series of clips from my last happy hour (ahem, as a Colorado resident) with my friends. Here, they give me advice for life and love in DC.


Also, I finally fired up my Twitter account yesterday. I plan on posting updates from the road tomorrow, which you can check out here.

Okay. Here we go.


3 responses to “All Points East

  1. Sheryl (Brandy's mom)

    Good Luck on your new adventure and drive safely!! I know Brandy & Sean will miss you plus all the people you have met while in Denver.

    I really enjoy your blog; keep on writing, it’s great!!!

  2. Drive safely! Enjoy the homeland!

    Twitter seems cool. I wonder who else among my friends is using it?

    Be sure to document if (I mean when) something weird happens. Maybe your cat’ll eat your steering wheel.

  3. Sheryl—thanks for the comment! I just spoke with Brandy this afternoon. I’m excited to see her in DC this May! Hopefully they’ll bring Ewan. He’s such a cool little dude.

    Peter—Twitter is cool. You’ll have to get it set up so we can be virtual friends. 🙂 I will make sure to document weird happenings…so long as my phone doesn’t die on me like it did today. Oh, me.

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