Day One :: CF, WTF?

Um. OK.

1. There are veritable craters—not potholes—but craters in every major street in town. Like enormous, go-5mph-in-a-45mph, huge. Wtf, people? When I pop a tire, I’m sending the bill to the mayor.

2. There’s no wi-fi in my favorite coffee shop downtown. Wtf, people? You’re on historic Main Street. Appropriately, Cup of Joe has no web site.

3. I had lunch by myself downtown at a relatively new sushi bar. OK. Rephrase. Sushi bar-slash-deli. I quickly found out this was not a good combo when my food arrived; I only ate a few pieces. As my waiter and his trainee came to take my plate, he said:

“Wow, that’s it? You eat like a bird.”

Tomorrow has to be better. I’m trying a new coffee shop, so hopefully I can upload photos and video then.

2 responses to “Day One :: CF, WTF?

  1. Sounds like you’re missing Denver already. Although you won’t have to put up with those kinds of things in DC, I’m guessing.

    You know what’s worse than a deli/sushi bar? A deli/sushi bar/gas station. There’s one in Evergreen. I used to work there. I have to admit, the deli sandwiches were pretty good.

  2. Yeah, what I wouldn’t have given for a trip to Tokyo Joe’s yesterday! I should’ve gotten a sammy instead…I knew I shouldn’t trust people to make my sushi unless they were pierced, tatted or a descendant of a Japanese sushi chef!

    I woke up to snow this morning. Fun. 😦

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