The Snot, Broken Electronics and Golden Rays of Sunshine

Every Christmas without fail I used to come down with a horrible cold. So when, on the equivalent of my Christmas Eve, I sat on my parent’s couch sniffling, sneezing and hacking, all my dad could do was shake his head at me.

That’s right. I got sick. And I’m driving out to DC in the morning. And yeah, in case anyone’s counting, I haven’t seen my boyfriend in two months and one week. Boy, am I going to be sexy.

In addition to coming down with The Snot, yesterday I got the most expensive oil change of my life (after two places turned me away…and my check engine light has now come on), my iPod broke (WHY, GOD? WHY?), and I realized that my mom is going to really miss Ella when I take her with me tomorrow.

But I must have turned into an eternal optimist since leaving Denver because I don’t really care about any of that crap. It sucks, but who cares? My excitement to get there is still off the charts. I feel like life is actually going to begin again once I get there and get rolling.

Speaking of rolling, I better scrounge up some DayQuil and get cracking. I have a lot to do today. Now if only I could teleport my good friend Cassie here to help me repack my car. (It’s just like Tetris!)

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One response to “The Snot, Broken Electronics and Golden Rays of Sunshine

  1. …and I do love myself some Tetris! Oooo I’m actually disappointed I missed out on the packing extravaganza.

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