Day 1

It turns out that I underestimated the complexity of driving in this city. Take the traffic congestion and add a bunch of one-ways, roundabouts and parking restrictions, then throw in a bunch of pedestrians, and you’ve just created the Molotov cocktail of driving conditions. Well. At least for a person who’s new in town. Hopefully my Colorado license plates scream, “I’m freakin’ new here, sorry!”

The day is off to a funny start; D carried my car keys with him to work on accident, so I cabbed down to his office to get them. When I got back, I walked down to move my car and found one of my shirts randomly strewn on the sidewalk. There’s nothing unamusing about either of those to happenings.

I have a fair amount of things to do today. In case you’re interested (and let’s be honest, I need to publish them so that I can hold myself accountable), those things are:

» Showering (and not napping even though I still feel wiped)

» Picking up some provisions at CVS (I sorta feel like that gross mucus guy is unpacking his suitcase and stuff in my lungs)

» Finding the DC DMV to pick up a temporary parking permit

» Heading to my new apartment to meet my landlord, Gloria (lots about her to come, I’m sure) get keys and things of that ilk

» Pulling video clips off my camera and start piecing them together.

» Working out (this is a stretch goal, given The Snot and all)

I should probably start with the shower. Sounds easy enough.

Oh, and P.S., for those of you wondering about Ella (frankly, everyone I’ve talked to is), she’s doing fine. She’s a little freaked out and mad that D and I won’t let her in he bedroom (picture it…little black cat outside glass French doors just pawing away. Sad, sad.), but otherwise she’s hanging in there. Ha. Sorry. Couldn’t resist. 🙂

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