It’s Not You, It’s Me…

Sigh. The lack of wi-fi in my area of town (full of young, hip people who demand it) is straight up appalling. It’s bringing the Megan down. So here I am at a corner coffee shop, stealing some poor bastard’s internet because said coffee shop doesn’t offer free wi-fi.

ANYWAY, in true Inigo Montoya fashion, let me essplain what I’ve been doing. No; there is to much. Let me sum up.

House & Home

  • I moved in on Saturday and am simultaneously happy and intrigued by the place. On its own, it would be great real estate—spacious, hard wood floor, a view overlooking the National Cathedral—but I’m subleasing from a woman who’s lived there for almost 30 years. To say I’m finding some interesting stuff as I’m unpacking is an understatement. I fully intend to elaborate on this adventure in a separate blog/video post, so stay tuned.
  • The woman from whom I’m subleasing, Gloria, told me on Saturday (when she met Ella), that she was “happy to have another cat in the apartment, you know, to catch the mice.” Not 24 hours later, Ella had dug out a dead mouse from under a set of drawers in the kitchen.
  • I’m supposed to have wi-fi in the apartment, but so far, it’s been a bust. I’m going to have to remedy this soon so I can get to working. Right now Ella is spending more hours alone than with anyone, which is really pissing her off…and making me feel bad.
  • Speaking of Ella and D’s allergies, he started allergy shots this week. I mean, is that love or what?

The j-o-b

  • I got my first freelance assignment today. It’s not due until the end of May which gives me lots of time to peruse other opportunities once I get settled.
  • Like I said, no internet in the apartment means a lot of time spent either at D’s or random coffee shops. Which is mostly OK. This afternoon there was an after school session at the coffee shop where all the little kids were learning your standard tongue twisters. Hilarious.On the flip side, I’m pretty sure the guy next to me is going down the street to Blockbuster, renting DVDs, burning them onto his computer, and then returning them for more. There’s a guy across from me who has a severe case of ADD and keeps picking fights with his eight-year old son. It’s a mixed bag.
  • D knows a guy through a sports message board that works in creative services and got in touch with him for me last night. So I’ve got some good leads, names, and contact information to some creative services placement services and ad agencies around town. Can’t hurt to know someone in a city like this.


  • I haven’t killed anyone while driving yet. But I did get my first parking ticket today. I need to hash out this license/registration/plates/parking permit thing out tomorrow.
  • D and I saw What Made Milwaukee Famous on Saturday; it was a fun show. If you get a chance to see them in your city (and tickets are relatively cheap), consider going.
  • The cherry blossoms are blooming, two weeks early.
  • I saw my first big protest over the weekend, right near my apartment. It was about Tibet and it was mesmerizing.
  • I’m playing phone/blog/twitter/text tag with some of you. I apologize. I’ve been busy! I hope to find a semblance of a routine sometime soon.

OK. That’s it for now. Finishing a video is on my list of things to do tonight while D watches some sports draft kind of tomfoolery. I doubt it will be exciting, but it will be something to help you get over the hump of tomorrow’s work day. (Is it weird that I miss commiserating about the far-away Friday with my workmates?)

[Jam of the Day]: LCD Soundsystem, Daft Punk Is Playing At My House


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