Operation Relocation: Leg Two

Our second installment brings us to Iowa City where I got together with some old friends. Fun stuff. 🙂

Next, I point the car east!


5 responses to “Operation Relocation: Leg Two

  1. Love all the videos and updates! Sounds like you’re having fun out there, livin’ it up 🙂

  2. Thanks! They’re sorta fun to put together. Things are good here so far. And speaking of updates, I believe I’m due for one regarding you and J’s living situation. Moving? Staying put?

  3. Well, we’re moving… but, WHERE is the question! We have until May to figure it out, however I’d like to sign some papers sooner rather than later – we’ll see!! It will work out – it always does 🙂

    Looking forward to the next video!

  4. I concur. The other day I was irritated that I missed a parking spot by my apartment and had to go around the block again. But in going around the block again I noticed a corner hardware store (and I really needed to find one)…anyway, stuff like that has been happening to me all week. Stuff that hasn’t worked out the first or second time leads me to something even better. Kinda fun.

  5. Oh good, glad to hear it! Yeah, patience and faith is key… it’s hard sometimes, but it certainly pays off most of the time. Happy Easter 🙂

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