Odds & Ends

I’m anxious on this Monday morning. No details to share just yet…hence the anxiety. 🙂

Umm, so let’s get distracted with some weekend odds and ends.

First up, no one died. High fives all around. (I have a sick slogan for my apartment building now, for no other reason than the fact that joking about it keeps me from being disturbed by it.)

Friday, D and I had dinner at a Brazilian restaurant in Cleveland Park, which I thought was OK, but D didn’t. Apparently the freshly-made white Sangria only saved one of us from gustatory mediocrity. Given that we were both a little anxious (see top of post), we sucked down two carafes of heavenly nectar and then met some friends at an Irish pub, where I’m certain we out-drank everyone.

Saturday we had the best damn brunch in DC, as far as I’m concerned. For Easter I had brunch at Napoleon; I was glad to finally take D and get him over his fear of crepes. (It’s not all Nutella, y’all.)

We also took a bit of a road trip to Virginia to do a little shopping. I say ‘road trip’ because I’m not from around here, and D, as you may recall, travels only by foot, bus or metro. But we found Nordies and kin, and me a new satchel. (Although D may have walked away from me in anger when I picked up a bag he explicitly said he hated.)  Anyway, I now have a terrible itch to shop. I blame Spring.

We bailed on the first day of the Cherry Blossom festival. There were so many damn people, and to top it off, there were about four other major events going on in the city this weekend. We’ll take Kate when she’s here next weekend.

Saturday night, D’s friend Kevin came over. We watched the Capitals game, drank Caucasians, and played copious amounts of Guitar Hero.  I might be addicted to it, and kicking Tom Morello‘s ass.

Yesterday during your standard Sunday household rigmarole, we discovered we had season three of Weeds AND season one of The Tudors On Demand for FREE. Let our non-lives begin. D also made me dinner, which was probably better than our Brazilian spread.

So now it’s Monday. Blah. I don’t have much on the docket. I have some solid job leads to follow up on, but I haven’t done any freelance work since last Wednesday, and won’t again until they return my signed contract. Grr.

Which leaves me with errands, and preparing for Kate’s arrival this week. And avoiding anxiousness. Shit. I probably didn’t need that 24-ounce up of coffee.

What are YOU doing this Monday?


8 responses to “Odds & Ends

  1. My Monday is like this:

    I wish it was a “(Sittin’ On) The Dock of the Bay” (Otis Redding) kind of day with my Corona in hand.

    Instead it is more a “Manic Monday” (The Bangles) kind of day with no attractive work in front of me.

  2. Ooh, that’s a great answer. I have no attractive work either. And it’s cold and grey here today. Blah.

  3. My Monday included the news that McDreamy and I may be making a guest appearance on a DC radio station tomorrow around lunch time.

    He or I will send any details as they become available, I’m sure.

  4. Congrats on the baby. You two will make fantastic parents. 🙂

  5. Peter: Whaaaaaat? DETAILS. And for realsies, NPR is about the only good radio station here. SPILL IT. 😀

    James: Baby likes Sangria. I mean I know what they say about drinking during pregnancy, but s/he was like, “GIMME DAT SUGA’.”

  6. Here’s the scoop.

    1160 AM has a show from Noon to 1PM that we’re invited to join. We’ll get 15 or 20 minutes, I hear. I don’t know exactly when.

    If it’s a call-in show, you should call. It’d be the highlight of my work week.

  7. Whoa! Awesome. I’ll do my best to tune in—I assume that’s noon MST? Or noon EST?

    What’s the topic? And how’d this even come about?

  8. 12:40-1:00 EST.

    We published a press release about gender trends among auto makes and models, and the host wants to interview us. It’s a show about the auto industry that aims at an audiences outside the typical auto enthusiasts: white males.

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