Oh, we’re so wussy, Jens.

D and I have tickets to the sold-out Jens Lekman show tonight, but I think we’re going to bail.

I know, I know. But we had a late night last night with the hockey game, and we were painfully reminded at 7:45 this morning that we’re no longer young bucks that can frolic on school nights. My best friend Kate also arrives tomorrow, and I don’t imagine sleep will be our first priority.

But I tell ya. After watching some Jens clips, I’m considering reconsidering.

“A Postcard to Nina” (This song is the real story about his lesbian friend, Nina, who invited him to dinner at he parents house. Right before they entered, she told him she had told her dad she and Jens were engaged.)

This is another fave of mine from his new album, called “Put Your Arms Around Me.”

Oh you’re so groovy, Jens.


4 responses to “Oh, we’re so wussy, Jens.

  1. So did you go? Maybe you Twittered (is that the past tense of the verb that means “to post on Twitter”?) it.

    Meanwhile, in good ol’ Colorado, I’m about to put my foot through my monitor. Work, work, work.

  2. We did not. I was out cold by the time Jens would’ve taken the stage. I was a little sad about it this morning, but boy do I feel better after a good night’s sleep. Hopefully I can catch him next time around.

    Lame about work. It’s not hard for me to recall the feeling. Have anything fun lined up with the fam for the weekend?

    Also, I do believe you’re right about ‘twittered.’

  3. We’re taking the little dude to a birthday party (coworker P’s boy is turning 4!) this weekend. G.P. and fam will be there, along with some other cool people. Should be enjoyable.

    By the way, little E got himself a haircut. I’ll probably Twat about it. 🙂

  4. I can’t believe the little dude is turning four. They grow up so fast! Sounds like fun though. Tell GP & co. I say hello!

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