Hot Night in the City


That’s all I can say after attending my first Stanley Cup playoff game. That, and I’m really glad D is taking me to these games because they are crazy fun. I mean, where else would I have seen a guy rupture a testicle via slapshot? Good gracious.

Yes, it was a crazy night. Hair Cuttery was on the scene to give fans free mohawks. D and I had to pass on the haircuts, but I was stoked to get my photo taken with this dude, who’s ‘do put everyone else’s to shame. (Thanks to this stupid Flyers fan for ruining a solid picture. Jerk. We’re going to kick your lily asses again tomorrow.)

We also met up with our friends Kevin and Jess (who’s in visiting Kevin from Iowa!) and a few others after the game. We had a good time, although admittedly D and I had to call it a night early on.

Did I mention it was a steamy 80 degrees yesterday? We’re rocking 77 degrees today, and Ella is out exploring the patio.

Hope everyone’s having a lovely weekend—hopefully I’ll have a few more photos to share from the next playoff game on Sunday! GO CAPS!


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