For the Commute :: Trapped

Peter Twittered about this New Yorker piece last week and I still can’t stop thinking about it. The article chronicles the lives of elevators, weaving the piece around the story of Nicholas White, who was trapped in an elevator for an unbelievable forty-one hours. The eery time-lapse surveillance video shows White struggling to get out, and as Bregar aptly put it, “I feel like I’m watching a man go insane.”

It’s an utterly intriguing piece from all angles. Don’t miss it.


2 responses to “For the Commute :: Trapped

  1. I hesitate every morning before getting into the elevator now.

    It really is a well written piece that sticks with its readers. Makes the surveillance video all the more interesting to watch, too.

  2. Definitely makes you think twice about taking the stairs.

    I always like articles with [well-written] multiple narratives. I’m not sure how a piece about elevators would’ve been successful without the crazy accompaniment of Nicholas White.

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