Here Nor There

Hi. I haven’t actually written anything in awhile. I still don’t have much to share…good time for a Here Nor There post.

  • I can justify paying exorbitant city rent because I hardly spend anything on gas. When writing the check, it also helps to (A) go into denial, and (B) not to write out the full numeric amount (e.g. Fourteen hundred v. One thousand, four hundred).
  • I have a new video in mind and after this confounded article is done, I’m going to [finally] get on with it.
  • I’ve got some job stuff going on, but nothing I want to jinx by talking about it.
  • Our moms (D’s mom and mine) are coming out for Mother’s Day next weekend. I’m really excited to see them both. I’m also excited to take them to C.S. Lewis’ The Screwtape Letters.
  • I got really homesick last weekend (first for Iowa, then for Colorado). The cool thing is that when I miss Iowa, D understands it perfectly. I never thought I’d value that as much as I do. As for Colorado, I’m tentatively getting a free trip back in late July!
  • Speaking of D (and here comes the mush), I love him more today than I did yesterday. I’m so, so happy to be here with him.
  • Last night we bet on who was going to get booted off American Idol. D won. So I have to buy him the CD or DVD of his choice. Which will be this, he’s decided.
  • Speaking of CDs, I borrowed some from D’s extensive (biggest understatement of the year) collection. Today I’ll be spending time with: DJ Kicks, Albert Hammond, Jr., Cut Copy and The Dodo’s. Regular readers of Expo should enjoy all of those. What are you guys and gals listening to lately? Please share.
  • I’ve noticed a disturbing trend as of late: People (idiots, really) sending annoying chain emails (“You’re a lovely lady! Send this to five people in the next hour or you won’t get laid for a year!”) via text message. Last week I even got one with an animated GIF of two people doing it. Sigh.
  • I’m pretty sure Ryan Seacrest is head-over-heels in love with Brooke White and that Kristy Lee Cooke was jonesing for Ryan during her tenure. These are the nuances of Am Idol that I find particularly interesting.
  • I secretly want to make May Baskets today. Mostly because I love pipe cleaners.

This is all the rigmarole I have for now. Do you have superficial news or acts of tom-foolery that I should be made aware of?

[Jam of the Day]: Cut Copy, Nobody Lost, Nobody Found

2 responses to “Here Nor There

  1. The Screwtape Letters on stage? I’m curious. I want to hear about it.

    My listening habits have been pretty static lately, but I’ve enjoyed a recent shift into the past: Mogwai’s “Happy Songs for Happy People” has been bringing me great amounts of joy during work. (Well, relatively.)

  2. I’ll definitely let you know—it’s getting rave reviews, so my hopes are high (but maybe they shouldn’t be).

    It’s always fun to dig out the older albums you haven’t listened to in awhile. If you feel like bugging Jeb for Cut Copy, go ahead and do so—I sent him a copy last week. (Sorry for throwing you under the bus, Jeb!)

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