As some of you know from my Twitter feed, last night D and I met some new friends at Oya, a swanky downtown sushi joint.

There was some concern that I would, given my propensity for spilling every beverage that comes into contact with me, PLUS the white decor of the restaurant, ruin at least one seat cover.

You’ll all be happy to hear that I didn’t spill my drink. In fact, I ordered martinis because I saw that they came in stemless glasses (I slop so badly in traditional martini glasses, you’d think I fed hogs for a living).

HOWEVER. When the restaurant owner brought around shots in champagne flutes (blowjobs…tee hee!), I promptly stood up and managed to knock one of the flutes off the table and onto the floor with the hem of my dress.

[Golf claps]

There’s all sorts of euphemisms and double entendres I could throw in to wrap up this story. But who do you think I am, Carrie freakin’ Bradshaw? 😉

OK, but for true. When I was on my knees trying to pick up shards of glass and the waiter said, “I’ve never had a girl ask to clean it up before!” I almost died.


8 responses to “OY…A!

  1. Dude in the front looks like he could punch out Hulk Hogan.

  2. Indeed. The guy behind the brunette girl is also quite buff. I think he said he was in the Marines or something and also did intelligence? Maybe D can correct me. It was a fun and eclectic group.

  3. Megan once again surrounded by boys… so when am I coming to DC again? Haha. No seriously I actually would have been disappointed if not one drink got on the floor. And let’s be honest, for the shot of choice, I’m glad it ended up on the floor and not on you. 😉

  4. Haha…well, Cass. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but all my new guy friends like…guys. 🙂

    But you can still come visit whenever you’d like!

  5. That’s really weird. That’s one of the first thoughts I had when looking at this picture. I don’t think that people can tell someone’s orientation just by their looks, but somehow I do seem to have a 6th sense for it.

    (whispers) “I see gay people”

    ha ha

  6. There’s one shocking (shocking!) detail that seems to have been overlooked in this photograph. Decorum prevents me from explicitly pointing it out, but suffice to say, it involves a guy’s tongue (not Dan’s) and the top half of Megan’s torso …

  7. Ha! To that end:

    1. I can’t believe this is the only photo of all of us that turned out.

    2. Roberto (the tongue’s owner, who thinks boobs are gross) thought this photo was hilarious—he gets a huge kick out of acting ‘butch.’ And hey, so do we.

    3. Let’s be honest: If this photo had consisted of me anof a bunch of straight dudes, the very next photo would have featured Dan punching someone out. 😉

  8. I was actually thinking you were going to tell me that… is it weird it almost makes me more excited to come visit? Ha, maybe I too like the unavailable.

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