Bea Arthur and Rock Hudson Duet

I love the Golden Girls. I miss having Lifetime because they showed the Golden Girls every afternoon before Oprah. (Oh, unemployment…those were the days.)

Anyway, the Golden Girls introduced me to Bea Arthur, who recently had a birthday. This information led me to a series of Bea Arthur clips and videos, including this 70s-era duet with Rock Hudson about illegal substances.

I know—I couldn’t believe it either. But we can all thank Ow! My Sweet Eyes! for enlightening us.

3 responses to “Bea Arthur and Rock Hudson Duet

  1. give it up, already. i’m NOT dressing as dorothy for halloween!

  2. Dangit. That would be the best costume ever!

  3. What’s best about this video on drug abuse is that they are drinking all the way through it.

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