Sex and the Million Dollar Wardrobe

OK, so look. I’m just excited to see the new Sex and the City movie as the next girl, and had tentatively accepted an invite to see it with a bunch of girls this Tuesday night.

But over the last week, something strange and disconcerting has been happening.

Ladies are making serious investments in clothes, shoes and handbags—just to go to this movie. One girl I work with sported a pair of new heels every day for the last two weeks. When finally asked about it yesterday, she said, “Yeah, these are all my Sex and the City shoes. I saved this pair for last because I’m going to the movie tonight.” She also made her brother send her a ridiculously expensive pair of jeans from LA for the occasion.

Later in the day, another woman with whom I work came over to my desk in a brightly patterned silk top. “Cute shirt,” I said.  To which she replied, “Oh, thanks. It’s my Sex and the City Shirt!”


These are two small instances after a week of wondering what is wrong with my gender. Maybe I should look a little harder about what this says about me, but it’s never crossed my mind to dress up, let alone buy a new wardrobe to see this movie.

Anyway, I’m 90% sure I’m going to turn down the invite this Tuesday; I’ve emailed a friend of D’s who is gauranteed not to make such a huge fuss over the flick. If she already has plans to see it, I’ll go to an afternoon matinee by myself on my day off. Which might make me pathetic. But not nearly pathetic as those spending a grip of money to outfit themselves for this movie.

[End rant]


9 responses to “Sex and the Million Dollar Wardrobe

  1. that’s f*cked up.

  2. For real.

  3. Seriously? People are totally insane. Could you imagine if a bunch of guys went out an bought an Indiana Jones hat and lasso rope for the Indiana premier?

  4. Ha! That’s such a good parallel. On a related note, I’m sure these ladies can’t see the similarities between their S&tC outfits and the folks we all make fun of for dressing up to go to Star Wars.

  5. Good rant. At least some of the stimulus money is being plugged directly into the economy. /silver lining

    I’ve never watched the show. I can’t stand Sarah Jessica Ugly if for no other reason than I think she’s extremely overrated.

  6. Eh. I sorta get annoyed when people call SJP ugly. Mostly because I don’t think she is (unconventional beauty? anyone?) and also it just reminds me of that rude article Maxim published last year naming the unsexiest women alive.

  7. josephkbradley

    you would not be ranting if you were rich.

  8. I’m happy to say I missed the Maxim article.

    I don’t mean to be personal about it, and I honestly haven’t seen any performance (acting or otherwise) by Ms. Parker, so I’ll freely admit I’m in no place to judge. That said, I get annoyed when someone’s name is everywhere and I don’t see what the fuss is about (ala Angelina, Paris, etc.). SJP is a minor case of that for me.

    I’m all for unconvential beauty; she’s just not my cup o’ tea.

    (Was that semi-colon appropriately used? I think they make me look smart, so I tend to over use them, which ironically makes me look dumb.)

  9. Peter, I hear you loud and clear on your point. Damn that Maxim and their smutty smut. Generally speaking I like her (and wow, good body), but opinions are like you-know-whats and we’ve all got ’em. Well. Most of us.

    Actually, you did well with your semicolon! I myself have an affinity for the lil’ guy.

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