Le Grand Update

The emails and blog comments have been trickling in re: posting an update to this here interwebs site. (Did you guys plan an attack behind my back? It’s seriously uncanny!)

I’ve tried, like, earnestly, a handful of times to sit down and type an update but somehow it never comes out right, or leans towards Debby Downer, which is an inaccurate tone for the current state of things. I guess part of the problem is that Expo86 has always been about transparency, and lately I’m not feeling very transparent. There shouldn’t be anything alarming in that statement; some things are just meant to be shared offline or kept between your own years, you know?

But I suppose it’s time to appease the masses all three readers. So regardless of how crappy this post turns out, I’m clicking ‘Publish’ at the end of it.

Work: I’ll split this into two categories.

New job: I’m going to reserve all judgment until after our ginormous conference is over in late July. But I will tell you that I work under the ex-brand manager for Coca-Cola…and that I have to feign excitement over hearing about the crazy parties at Usher’s.

Freelance: A client recently sent an email to its entire client base promoting me as a speaker at their upcoming conference. The problem: The client never asked me to speak at the damn thing. I’m also doing some occasional pro-bono stuff related to the Memorial Day tornadoes back in my home state of Iowa (more on that below).


After a small amount of deliberation and a generous offer, I’m staying in my current sublet for another six months. This is good newsβ€”no moving hassle to contend with as I’m getting acclimated with the new job. Downside: Visitors are going have the pleasure of staying in this crazy apartment, and my boxes and furnishings remain packed in the corner, collecting dust.

My landlady Gloria is coming back to down on June 14 for two weeks, during which time I’ll bunk with D. Gloria will, in all probability, play with Ella all day, and I’ll stop by to check up on her. I’ll move back in and resume normal life on July 1.

And, in case you’ve been following along since March, no one else has died, and I’ve seen neither hair nor hide of a cockroach since I put out the traps.


Not much to note, aside from our Memorial Day excursion to Charlottesville in southern Virginia. It’s home to UVA and a really cool, scenic town. We checked out Monticello (home and resting place of Thomas Jefferson), saw a live acoustic show featuring local artists, did some shopping, some drinking, and got a little crazy while playing Chug 21 (Megatouch!).

Our next trip will be to Boston for the Fourth to hang out with one of D’s good friends from his time in Korea. (Doesn’t that make it sound like he was in the war?)

D and I also had our mothers out for Mother’s Day weekend which was fun. We took in the new Newseum (so awesome and a must for DC visitors), a play and a bunch of great restaurants. We also took them to the comedy club, where were completely and R-ratedly called out for bringing our mothers. We took such a beating that someone walked up to my mother the next day at the Jefferson Memorial and said, “Hey! You’re the mom from last night, aren’t you!?” They were fantastic sports.


In case you’ve been keeping track of my DMV excursions, you’ll be happy to know that I finally obtained temporary plates; I’m getting my car inspected on Friday and after my ninth (9) trip to the DMV, I should be home-free with real plates and the whole shebang!


There’s never any shortage of things to do in this city, and summer seems steeped in social possibility. Thursday nights, we’ve been playing softball with D’s firm (Go, Angels! I suck.) on some fields next to the FDR Memorial. It’s also near the river and the airport, so I get easily distracted by boats and giant incoming planes that look like they’re going to land on my face.

The local pools have also opened up and we hit up the affectionately named P Street Beach this past weekend. It’s awesome in that, this-is-sorta-ghetto-but-hot-damn-summer-in-the-city type of way. I have a feeling D, his friend Kevin and I will become frequent patrons. It’s the oddest, yet best time ever.

We’ve also been boating, eating crab cakes in Annapolis, attending some rooftop parties, playing drunken Guitar Hero and trying to get new people to hang out with us. (At a party on Saturday night, the girlfriend of D’s man crush approached me and said, “I think D really likes Sam. Like has a crush on him.” And I said, “Yeah, that’s true. Do you guys want to hang out sometime?”) I’m actually sort of proud of our social life.

Iowa + ‘Naders:

Parkersburg is just 10 minutes outside of our hometown in Iowa. I don’t have much to say about it that hasn’t already been said—it’s devastating and unbelievable to hear the stories, see the photos and read the 911 transcripts.

Some close family friends of D lost their house and was only saved because of the concrete safe room they built in their basement for such events. Their story and others are so incredible; I find myself thinking of them often. If any one feels compelled to reach out and donate food or supplies, just shoot me a message and I’ll tell you how.

Other stuff:

I miss my homies! I can’t wait to see everyone in a few months. I also need to give a shout out to my friend James who’s currently taking up residence in Barcelona, Spain for a new job in search marketing. It’s BA to be sure, and things seem to be going pretty well. Meanwhile, Kristi is back in Denver, finishing up plans for their October wedding. I definitely feel for you guys and the fun of trying to corroborate time for talking!

In fact, almost everyone I know seems to be enduring some form of transition; it’s never easy. So for you transitioners, I’ll leave you with this proverb:

Jump, and the net shall appear.

I’ll post updates more often from here on out. It will save me the hassle of the long posts…not to mention your eyesight. πŸ™‚

THERE. Done. Publish. Update complete.


4 responses to “Le Grand Update

  1. Yay, Megan! What an update! Sounds like things are well, and thanks for the shout-out πŸ™‚ It’s definitely tough – we’re figuring it out. But I like your transitional proverb… inspirational and encouraging! Anyhoo – glad to hear you’re adjusting in the District. We miss you out here too! PS – seeing SATC this weekend… I’ve heard that it’s so good – can’t wait! When are you seeing it?

  2. Things are well indeed! I really like it out here and am having fun learning about my new surroundings.

    I’ve heard good things about SATC, too—although I hear it’s a smidge long. I had to work late last night so I had to break my plans to see it with a gaggle o’ girls…but I have this Friday off, so I’m planning on seeing it Friday afternoon after I run some errands. I’m pretty excited about the fashion. We’ll have to swap opinions after the weekend!

  3. Yeah, I also heard it’s long, but people said that it’s so good that you hardly notice. We will definitely need to swap opinions! PS – Day off on Friday?! That’s nice πŸ™‚

  4. Oh Megan how I miss thee? I secretly(or not so secretly) wish I could talk like that all the time. *Sigh*

    Okay anyway I just wanted to drop a line and say I too get distracted during softball. The ol’ Meridian field is by a private airport and boy oh boy do I love to watch the planes land and take off. Not good if you’re the1st basemen though – oops πŸ™‚

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