Storm Season

D’s friend came across this aerial shot of a post-EF-5 Parkersburg, Iowa, which is just outside our hometown. To view the photo full-scale, click on the photo, then again to blow it out.

It’s been stormy in DC as of late, too. We’ve had all kinds of torrential rains and tornado warnings in the last two days. I almost had to huddle in the basement with my new colleagues today, and on the way home, I saw part of a historic museum in Old Town (literally, “historic museum” is what the sign said) collapsed in the street.

Oh, Colorado. How I miss thee and thy occasional spring mudslide!


2 responses to “Storm Season

  1. I read a good article about 4 NFL players who grew up in this town. They all went back, and took others with them, to pitch in and help.

    That picture is amazing. Some houses look undamaged with a severely damaged house right next door.

  2. Dan told me about that article—pretty cool.

    The picture is incredible. Somehow it speaks so much louder than the scores of ground shots (which are still unbelievable).

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