It’s 800 degrees in here.

That’s what D says whenever he gets really hot. It’s usually a blatant exaggeration, but in the last 48 hours he’s been one-eighth accurate.

Yes, summer has officially arrived in DC. As I type, the city is under a heat advisory, with a current heat index of 103…plus humidity. Which is why we got up at 7A this morning to hit the Billy Goat Trails with our friends and fellow Hawkeyes, Marc and Katie.

It was a great workout and we all felt like champions for having gotten through it. I didn’t take many photos on the trail as it was a little more difficult that we anticipated (ahem, and I wiped out in the mud during our last hike; the Canon hasn’t been the same since)…but after we finished, I got a few photos of this here snapping turtle who was trying to keep cool under the shade.

I really like getting together with Marc and Katie; Katie went to law school with Dan, and, coincidentally, played softball at Northwestern with a friend of mine from high school. They also happen to live one building over from me which makes getting together easy!

Other weekend notes:

  • You can meet an interesting cast of characters at auto-pimp places (where I dropped $150 to strip the tint off my car.
  • We lasted about an hour at the pool yesterday, during which time I lost my body weight in sweat.
  • Kung Fu Panda is really good—and watching it with a theater full of laughing kids makes it even funnier.
  • David Sedaris finally published a new book, which I scooped up yesterday. It’s getting mixed reviews, but that hasn’t caused my excitement to wane.

What have you guys been up to over the weekend?


2 responses to “It’s 800 degrees in here.

  1. Cute post and picture! Love the turtle too… don’t see those in these parts 🙂

  2. Thanks! That turtle was crazy…and pissed when I kept taking photos of it. It was a fun day—nice to get out of the city from time to time!

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