Programming Note

[Update 2]: Another rough day; more water and at least four dead at a boy scout camp in Little Sioux, IA.

[Update]: Still clear for now, per this CNN video and phone interview. I watched to see if I could find my dad and brother among the sandbaggers, but nothing yet. And have you seen these homes that have fallen into the river in Wisconsin? Frightening.

I started getting a trickle of emails and text messages starting this morning in regard to the flooding in my hometown; it was quite a surprise to turn on the Today Show and see them reporting live from Cedar Falls, Iowa.

So far both of our families’ (D’s and mine) homes are dry, though my dad’s photography store has gotten some water. All of downtown CF (and nearby Waterloo) has been evacuated, with other parts of the state following suit.

Anyway, everyone’s fine for the time being. And thanks for all your well wishes. Hopefully I won’t be spending my summer vacation helping my parents clean out our flood-ravaged basement. Been there. Done that.

On the lighter side, D found a photo of two high school classmates, bowfishing on their flooded property. Now that’s funny. I don’t care who you are.

[Jam of the Day]: Supertramp, It’s Raining Again (aptly)


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