Is the Apocolypse Starting in Iowa?

My aunt sent me this photo a couple days ago; this morning it was in the New York Times. Insane.

Friends heading back to the Hawkeye State this weekend will face a roughly 300-mile detour to get from the airport to their final destination (which is normally a short 20-minute drive). Other oddities include my neighbor, who was found dead (along with the dog) in the garage. Current suspect: her son, and childhood friend of my brother’s.


But alas, all is not lost. And if you’re in DC, are from Iowa, like Iowans, or just want to do something nice for human beings, you should go to Iowa Disaster Relief 2008, with lots of fun food and drinks—with all proceeds going to Iowa relief efforts. If you’re not in the immediate area, you can still donate to the State Society of Iowa.

[UPDATE]: Coincidentally, right after this post, I received an email with this slideshow showing the flood waters in Iowa City creep up, up and up. The photos are taken on the west side near my old office, apartment and of course, the art buildings/museum. Some of the photos get repetitive, but worth a look.


5 responses to “Is the Apocolypse Starting in Iowa?

  1. HOLY SHIT. That photo is frightening.

  2. Ugh. Looks like a fist coming out of the sky to smash stuff to smithereens.

  3. Yeah, pretty surreal. I would not want to see that out of my bedroom window.

  4. The American flag in the photo is probably freaking out.

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