Shopping for a Cause

If you love Rosa Loves, you’ll also love Elsewares. The independent art and design site is similar to Etsy, but donates a portion of their funds to a non-profit organization, which is picked by those who purchase goods from the site.

In their words:

At checkout, every ELSEWARES customer can select from a list of nonprofit organizations we choose to support. Each customer’s selection is logged as a vote, and at the end of each quarter we divide a portion of our profits among these groups, according to the number of votes each received. It’s that simple.

I picked up this little bauble and voted for the Natural Resources Defense Fund. Go shop and give back!


2 responses to “Shopping for a Cause

  1. I passed this site on to Mariah. (She’s just getting going in putting her stuff on Etsy.) Thanks!

  2. Cool! I’ll look for her shops.

    Incidentally, I ordered this Friday afternoon and it arrived today (Monday)—great turn around time is sure to please buyers and keep them coming back for more.

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