Who didn’t charge her camera for Pearl Jam?

That would be me. So I only took a few photos/snippets of video. But here they are for your viewing pleasure.

D and I en route.

Daughter…and then the camera dies.

So. I feel like kind of a jerk, but this definitely wasn’t the best rock concert I’ve ever been to (and I had high hopes that it might be). For one thing, as you can see in the video, there were no video boards. Which meant unless you were in the very front row, you didn’t have much to look at.

Secondly, and I know some of you disagree, but I just get bored with long, drawn-out jam sessions.

Thirdly, I’m not sure how you can be Pearl Jam and get away with not playing more than a couple of your best hits. Which, I suppose, points to the larger issue: I may be a fair-weather Pearl Jam fan. To that end, I really wanted to hear Vedder do “Big Hard Sun” from Into The Wild. Maybe next time.

I can’t stand for hours on end. Just can’t. In fact we ended up checking out midway through their second encore. Also, when bands do more than one encore, I think of the last ever scene of the Golden Girls. Every. Single. Time.

Well. Now I’m busy watching Golden Girls clips….and recording the reruns on Dan’s DVR. [Evil smirk]


6 responses to “Who didn’t charge her camera for Pearl Jam?

  1. Hahaha, 3 comments in one day too much? This is what happens when I only get to read it once a week. Bah. Anyway I am sad for the PJ let down. Fortunately for us there were screens and they played mostly old stuff (different crowd perchance?). But I will say the snubbing Kanye factor may have swayed my true feelings to enjoy it more than necessary 🙂

  2. Whatever—I missed your comments! And yes, you did get a sweet PJ set. For the ages, even.

  3. Haha…um. That Golden Girls clip reminds me and you the night of my going away party. Haha. God.

  4. Great – Now I can’t stop watching Golden Girls re-runs either! You make me laugh!

  5. Salut, Jessie! Welcome to Expo!

  6. PS, Jessie—If you love Bea Arthur, don’t miss this from a couple week’s back. 🙂

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