Just when I was starting to feel sort of melancholy over the fact that I’d be missing fireworks here in the nation’s capital…

I left work at 3p and hit the worst traffic of my life. Then I thought to myself: “Eh. Going out of town is starting to seem like a really good idea.”

D and I are off to Boston at the crack ‘o dawn tomorrow morn. The trip also marks a very big first in our relationship: We’re going to the same airport, at the same time, riding the same plane together, to end up at the same destination!

Hey. Don’t make fun. It’s quite a milestone for a pair who’s lived on opposite ends of the country.

Things are also good on the homefront. My cousin is at long last out of ICU and was finally able to meet little Kaylee (now it’s official) after more than a week after giving birth to her. I think a future trip to Chicago is in order to greet the new baby and lend a hand with her siblings.

So, after a strenuous week, I am finally ready to enjoy some down time. Happy 4th—see you Monday!


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