Back and Ready for [In]action

Do you ever feel like you need a vacation after your vacation? Like, just one day to catch up on all your email, do your laundry and get some extra sleep?

I’m going to file that in, “Necessary but unlikely” and move on.

Fact is, we had quite a nice time in Boston. We arrived Friday morning and were scuttled over to the annual BBQ of the parents of Dan’s good friend whom he met while studying in Korea. (I know, I should really provide a diagram.)

Dan’s friend and his family are about as Italian as it gets (their last name ends in -ozzi), and even if you could imagine the awesomely good food and amazingly thick Boston-Italian accents, it still wouldn’t be as good as the real thing. Of course, it will always be the hospitality and the laughs that will stay in our brains for years to come.

Other Boston notables:

  • Late Saturday afternoon we were walking to dinner when we suddenly realized that the only other person on the bridge with us was a good childhood friend of mine (who also happens to know D). It was one of the most random, out of body experiences I’ve ever had.
  • Dunkin’ Donuts is everywhere! We went there 3 times in 48 hours (though I only had one donut. Good, right?). And it’s true what they say—the coffee is crazy good. I miss it already.
  • The only tourist destination on my list—the site of the Boston Tea Party—was recently destroyed in a fire. Something about insurance fraud. It crushed me to see it lying charred, in ruin. Sigh.

And now for some visuals, along with a short video, which you’ll find after the jump!

Boston Common, one of the country’s oldest parks

Dan and me in Boston Common

Part of Boston Harbour

A nice city fountain show

There are a few more photos for your perusal in this Flickr set—take a look!

So, how about you guys? How did you celebrate your independence?

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