A Problem

Until I sublet this crazy apartment—which includes four plants and a window box off the balcony—I was convinced I had a brown thumb. Admittedly, I forget to water sh!t. BUT, if I’m in charge of someone else’s plants, I guess I stress out about neglecting them.

Well. Now I have four plants that are not only flourishing, they’re growing out of their pots. The aloe vera plant as grown so large that it’s breaking off. I’ve tried replanting to sections of it, the first failed miserably; the second is looking pretty OK.

My problem is that, (A) I know nothing about repotting plants, and (B) I think repotting is going above and beyond my call of plant duty. On the other hand, I now see the plants as living, feeling organisims and can’t let them perish.

So that’s where I am. At a plant impasse.

[Jam of the Day] Au Revoir Simone, Stars


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