Here Nor There

Wow…a week since my last post?

These last couple of weeks have flown by (August? At our heels already?) with piles of work and trying to cram as much fun as possible into the weekends. Honestly, thinking back on it in tandem with how little time I have to get this out, I don’t think it’s possible to share it all with you.

But you can browse my Flickr photos* to get an idea of where we’ve been. Unfortunately I didn’t take any photos yesterday during our latest boat outing where I finally made it up on water skiis for more than a couple seconds AND without injury. I know; big day for the Megster.

The rest of the weekend will be spent cleaning my place and trying to birth an article, which I’m not particularly looking forward to. Mostly because I’m extremely sore and would rather be lying down.

So there’s my lack of news. What’s been going on with you all?

*Some photos are restricted to Flickr friends + family, for no other reason than they include some photos of my neighborhood and building and I’m paranoid like that. So if you’re not already a Flickr contact of mine, please add me!

[Jam of the Day]: Marching Band, Don’t Go


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