Dress Conundrum

It’s wedding season. I need a dress. D suggested this one. Thoughts?


8 responses to “Dress Conundrum

  1. Cute! What’s back like?

  2. Ha. I actually don’t know what the back looks like…D picked this out the other night and I was so horrified I refused to look at any of the details.

    So a trick question for all you readers. Although you scored major points with D for siding with him. 🙂

    Unless I find something @ Nordy’s this weekend, I’m going to opt for the same black dress as always, and snazz it up with some shoes + accessories.

  3. Horrified? Seriously? I think it’s babe-o-licious. Maybe I’m just too much of a guy to ignore whatever subconcious sexual signals that dress sends out to guys like D and me.

  4. Oh man I’m a sucker too because I liked it also. Although maybe not to a wedding unless it’s on the beach or in Greece (weird comment, probably).

  5. OK. I guess I should rephrase.

    That dress is not like anything I currently wear. It might be the antithesis. So I was a little shocked when that my own boyfriend would suggest a frock that doesn’t even closely resemble the stuff I wear. I mean, this is the guy that picked out the most ADORABLE dress for me last Christmas (here and here.)

    So. It’s not a particularly hideous dress. But the idea of me in it just seemed off the mark.

  6. My good friend L. Boogie, who has known me (and my closet) for quite some time just sent me an email which simply said:

    1. Dress. No.

  7. Not the worst dress ever but definitely not Megan’s style. Bad choice, Dan.

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