Iowans Consume More Bevs

I heard on the radio this morning that Iowans are seeking more solace from the bottle, which I then confirmed via the Des Moines Register. Just how much did the average Iowan consume in the past year? According to the Register:

The average adult Iowan consumed 37.23 gallons of beer, 1.98 gallons of liquor, and 1.69 gallons of wine over the 12-month period.

Between the economy and the flood (buh-bye corn = buh-bye ethanol) I suppose folks have good reason. But all I can think is: Just wait ’til Iowa football season starts. All previous annual records may be shattered.

(And, in a strange twist of irony, the Iowa Alcoholic Beverages Division transferred about 80 percent of its $87 million in revenue to the state’s general fund, where it will be spent on education, environmental protection and public safety. About 16 percent of the money is used for substance abuse programs. So keep on drinking, Iowa!)


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