Hey, Denver Music Fans!


Our friend Jesse and his band, These United States, will be playing a show at the Hi-Dive on August 16 which you would be remiss to…er…miss.

Just so you know, this isn’t an obligatory blog post mention—D and I saw them play two shows at the Iota this weekend and it was the best I’ve ever seen them play. I’d send you to their MySpace page for a taste, except that they’ve rewritten the songs to include kickass percussion, more steel guitar, the occasional harmonica and a lot more rock. (In fact, if you don’t like the amped up version of “At First Sight,” we might have to part ways.)

But really. If you have nothing to do on next Saturday night (not even a school night! Whee!), go to the Hi-Dive. Drink PBR. Listen to great music. Say hello to Jesse and the band; they’re really nice guys. Tell them Dan and Megan sent you and they will feel loved. And so will you, from the sheer awesomeness of listening to good music.

Tickets are $7 @ the door. No excuse to cheap out. 🙂


5 responses to “Hey, Denver Music Fans!

  1. um…you should probably only recommend that people tell Jesse that “Dan and Megan sent you” … anyone else in the band will be confused.

  2. Didn’t I say that? Perhaps no. Listen to D. He’s the brains of this operation. I just bring the stunning good looks. Wit too. And an affable nature. 🙂

  3. haha, sorry. i should never start a blog comment with “um…” i just don’t want your friends to have to pull out the awkward turtle after an uncomfortable exchange!

  4. “I just bring the stunning good looks. Wit too. And an affable nature.”

    And don’t forget the humilty! ha.

  5. Haha. Well played, you two.

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