Happy Friday!

I know; technically it’s Thursday. But it’s my Friday. So here’s some stuff to entertain you as the week winds down:

The craziest work absence form ever:

The condiment gun:

And a good read from the NY Times about the future of American suburbs. Really interesting predictions; in France the suburbs (called banlieus) are the U.S. equivalent of the ‘hood. An interesting thought when you consider author James Kunstler’s comment:

“The suburbs have three destinies, none of them exclusive: as materials salvage, as slums, and as ruins.”

After a softball game tonight, D and I are off to our respective quarters to pack, and then tomorrow morning we’ll be off to Pittsburg, KS for the weekend.

Which begs the questions: What dress will I wear to the wedding?

Stay tuned!

[Jam of the Day]: Pony Up, Clutch or Cradle

One response to “Happy Friday!

  1. So, yea, which dress DID you wear???????????????!

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