Facebook is Haunted

I was writing on a friend’s wall to tell her happy birthday tonight when D called. I set down his laptop to answer the call, and as we chatted I noticed words eerily fill the text box. Check it:

Straight out of a horror movie, no? I told D I was scared and to come home. I think we need an exorcist. Or maybe just a good debugging.

[Lady in the waaaater!]


3 responses to “Facebook is Haunted

  1. Holy balls! Is Aug 18 cursed!? Freaky!

  2. I hope not! I think it’s the computer. Of maybe even my Facebook account (I logged out/in and changed my password before posting to your wall).

    But the really big question is: What’d you do for your birthday?!

  3. Oh good! I feel better – and for you too! That was a little weird.

    Birthday… pretty chill, but nice! Other than working… J and I went to dinner and then had a chill night at home – got lot of birthday love from friends and James – can’t ask for more than that!

    And now, we’re saving up all our energy for James’ 30th on Sat 🙂

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